Our Story

Envelop you in the protection of silk from every angle. Flyaways, skin creases, night sweats: begone!

Sleep Better, Sleep Cooler and Wake Up With Clear Skin and Beautiful Hair!

SilkSilky originated from our continuous pursuit of healthy life. As the founder of this brand, I was often troubled by skin allergy, dryness and other problems in the past many years, until I met silk.


Mulberry silk contains natural proteins and essential amino acids which helps our cells regulate and work efficiently. Boost your beauty sleep today with silk.


Recommended by dermatologists, silk products let skin remain its natural moisture while you sleep, keeping it soft, supple and helping reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Silky, Comfort and Beauty

The hypoallergenic case creates a barrier against dust mites and other allergens, allowing you to wake up feeling restored.

Sleep Tight ;-)

The initial goal of SilkSilky is simple, we hope you have better sleep and a healthier life every day. As we grow up, we understand that good sleep will have an impact on everything we do. We use the best quality silk fiber to bring you the most luxurious and comfortable silk products for your sleep.