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2 Secrets to a Good Night’s Sleep

16 Mar 2023

In the fast-paced and high-competitive modern society, the inability to sleep has become a common phenomenon.Research shows that poor sleep quality is the culprit of anxiety and depression as it has a direct negative impact on people’s hormones, athletic performance and brain function. The increased probability of psychological and physical diseases is also associated with insomnia. But don't sweat it. Let the silk bedding set help!

sleeping difficulty

It doesn't take a lot of time or effort to get a better night's sleep. Just starting with some changes in your sleeping environment, such as changing the bedding that suits you better, would help you effectively enjoy improved sleep quality. For instance, high-quality silk bedding would be a proven choice to sleep better. Two specific tips are attached below to release you from the torment of trouble sleeping.

1. To Improve Bedding Fabrics

Bedding would be in close contact with your body, so the quality of bedding material is highly demanded. Generally speaking, when the bedding fabric contains higher proportion of natural fibers, experts are more inclined to conclude that the quality of the bedding is better. The well-known silk bedding,including silk duvet cover, silk bed sheets as well as silk pillowcase,  is among the highest quality category. It has a soft and non-irritating touch that can well protect human skin.

(1) Natural Skin-friendly Material

The unparalleled function of silk comes from its reputation as the "second skin of humans". Silk is made of protein fiber and contains 18 amino acids needed by human body, which are almost the same as those contained in human skin. It can enhance the vitality of skin cells, helping skin metabolism and keeping the skin moist and smooth.It even has an effective auxiliary treatment effect on some skin diseases.

The natural skin-friendly property gives silk bedding the function of regulating body temperature and humidity. This feature is also the reason why silk fabrics always offer a cool touch. Even in the hot season, silk bedding will also be smooth, light and comfortable without sticking to your body because of sweat. When you choose silk bedding, you will get an indulgence of silky softness.


skin-friendly material

(2) High Fabric Density

Silk bedding has a high fabric density, which impacts greatly on the quality of material. The fabric density determines whether the fabric is firm, smooth to the touch, and superior in breath-ability. Made from 100% pure mulberry silk with high density, SILKSILKY bedding sets are incredibly soft, hypoallergenic, and gentle on your skin and hair. Its coefficient of friction with the human body is only 7.4%. Therefore, long-term use of silk bedding set to sleep can not only reduce the friction between the hair and pillowcase, giving hair luster and strength, but also reduce the wrinkles produced by facial extrusion friction.Indulge in the luxurious comfort of mulberry silk bedding set would lead to the ultimate sleeping experience.


fabric sensity of silk

2. To Carefully Select the Color of Bedding

According to color psychology, a scientific field that reveals the impact of color on human perception, color has the ability to impact on people's sleep quality through affecting people’s mood.For instance, green and purple bedding sets help to calm the mind, making people relax and relieving tension. Bedding in light orange, sky blue and pink, on the other hand, can make people feel refreshed, bringing enjoyment and expectation. Cyan bedding helps produce sleepiness,so it’s a considerable choice for insomnia patients to use cyan-colored sheets, pillowcases and covers. Colours including milky or ivory white are are the most stress-relieving for people’s visual nerves. So white silk  bedding sheet can be a good choice for people suffering from sleeping difficulty.

white silk bedding sheet

It’s worth noting that not all colors are suitable for bedding. Fluorescent colors tend to make people prone to emotional instability, so people suffering from insomnia, neurasthenia, depression and mania should avoid such colour in bedding or decorative furniture. People are sensory animals, easily impacted by external stimuli. Therefore, for a place like bedroom, where you have to spend almost half of your day with it, it must be arranged with extra care. Only when the exhaustion and depression can be fully clear, people are more likely to enter the sweet dreamland even under the pressure of the working day.

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