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Stay away from skin allergies

26 Sep 2022

Do you have such skin as princess pea in Andersen's fairy tales? That’s because your skin can not adapt to external stimulation, which may cause weaker skin barrier or even allergic dermatitis. If you are worrying about your skin, especially your face? Let’s explore why skin allergies happen and how to prevent it?

 Elements that cause skin allergies:

Inhalable plant pollen, animal furry, dust, bacteria;

Spicy food, eg. Seafood, alcohol;

Immune system damage;

Chemical products, such as cosmetics;

Certain texture, such as metal products, cotton fabric;

Extreme weather;

You need to make sure your allergen and get rid of it. Generally, staying far away from allergen can efficiently ease skin allergies symptoms. You can also do the following things once you find skin allergies happen.

Solutions to ease skin allergies:

Have a shower to remove pollen, dust, bacteria and mites;

Apply a tower wrapping with ice to your skin if you feel extremely itchy and your skin turns red;

Wear masks if it’s necessary to get in touch with allergens;

Care your skin by using special cosmetics or silk bedding set, silk clothes made for allergic groups;

How silk clothes or silk bedding sets help you stay away from skin allergies:

Breathable: silk is quite breathable so that you’ll not find acne due to stuffy fabrics. Your skin cells can breathe freely;

Mites-free: with the finest fabrics, silk is too smooth to allow mites and dust exist;

Friction-free: silk fabric is so soft and smooth that near to zero friction will be made. Therefore, your skin will not be stretched even you are tossing and turning on your silk sheets and your pores will not become larger to let bacteria in.

Temperature-regulator: silk can regulate your body temperature. It will help your skin a lot in extreme whether. Wearing silk shirts let your skin keep cool in hot days and in rainy seasons.

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