22Momme 100% Silk Skin-Friendly Beauty Sleep 4Pcs Set

$55.00 USD
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  • Color: Teal


    Size: US Toddler(13"x18")Size Guide

    US Toddler(13"x18")
    US Standard(20"x26")
    US Queen(20"x30")
    US King(20"x36")

    Closure: Envelope

    Hidden Zipper
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  • The Default Price Is For 1x Pillowcase + 1x Sleep Cap + 1x Scrunchie + 1 x Eye Mask.
  • Luxurious 100% Pure Mulberry 22-Momme Silk, Glossy, Smooth, Soft.
  • Anti Bed Head - stops split ends and hair damage
  • Anti Aging - 43% less friction than cotton
  • Anti Sleep Crease - more delicate on skin by 47%
  • Anti Dust Mites - eliminate allergies caused by dust mites
  • Hypoallergenic, Anti-Bacterial & Non-Irritating
  • Helps your skin retain moisture
  • More gentle on your hair than cotton
  • Natural body temperature regulator
  • Better Hair, Glowing Skin, Enhanced Sleep & Reduced Wrinkles
  • Envelope Closure or Hidden Zipper.
  • Available in sizes :
  • Size Apply to More Countries Measurements(inch) Measurements(cm)
    US Toddler(13x18") CA Toddler 13"x18" 33x46cm
    US Standard(20x26") US/SG Strandard, CA Regular 20"x26" 51x66cm
    US Queen(20x30") US/CA/SG Queen,AU/UK Standard, ES, FR, IT 20"x30" 50x75cm
    US King(20x36") US/AU/CA/UK King, SE, SG 20"x36" 50x90cm
    50x60cm DE, NL, FR, SE 20"x24" 50x60cm
    50x70cm CA Standard,JP Wide, DK, ES, NL, FR 20"x28" 50x70cm
    50x80cm AU/UK Queen, IT 20"x31.5" 50x80cm
    60x63cm DK 24"x25" 60x63cm
    40x60cm NL, FR, DE 16"x24" 40x60cm
    40x80cm DE Standard, ES 16"x31.5" 40x80cm
    65x65cm AU/UK/FR Square 26"x26" 65x65cm
    80x80cm DE Square 31.5"x31.5" 80x80cm
    35x55cm JP Single, SE 14"x22" 35x55cm
    43x63cm JP Double 17"x25" 43x63cm
    48x74cm SA, UAE, CN 19"x29" 48x74cm
    Care Instructions

    - Machine-washable in lukewarm water (30°C) on the most gentle cycle available.

    - Minimize spin time.

    - Hang dry if possible.

    - Tumble dry on a cool setting if using drying machine. Avoid drying for extended period of time.

    - Iron when slightly damp using a cool setting. Always iron on the nside.

    - Use neutral or special detergent for silk.

    - Keep out of touch of pets/sharp objects.

    Silk Identification

    Pull out a few threads from the side of the cloth and light them up. As they’re burning, watch closely to see if:The threads will crumple and smell like burning hair - this is a clear sign of authentic, natural silk. After they burn down, you should get a bunch of ashes, which are easily scattered,there is no smell of burnt plastic. If there is, then you’re dealing with synthetic silk. Also, if there’s black smoke coming from the fire and the threads are still smoldering after you put them out, then it’s artificial silk for sure.However, this is a skill you will never have to use when ordering from SILKSILKY since we offer our clients only 100% pure mulberry silk. Learn More...

    SKU: SXR-MM22YZYMFQ-Teal-Toddler-33x46cm-4Set-Enve

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews
    Emily J.M.
    Pillow case

    I use these pillow cases every day.They wash good & don’t fall apart or ripe like others. Love them.

    Great Gift

    I enjoyed mine so much - I bought one for my daughter. She loved it and the color was exactly right!

    Paul K.
    blue pillow case

    I purchased white and lavender (purple) in the past but the blue is my favorite one. Needless to say that all of them are high quality silk and stay beautiful wash after wash.